Nisa_Premier_Hospital_-_2015-03-13_08.03.16Nisa Premier Hospital was established in May 1996, with the vision of an international centre of excellence for gynecology and infertility in Abuja. The Premier Hospital teamed up with Nordica International of Denmark to jointly run “Nordica Fertility Centre, Abuja”. From this point onwards, Nisa Premier Hospital has been refocused to become one of the most prestigious private medical general practice hospitals in Nigeria, with bias for obstetrics & gynecology, and pediatrics.
From an 8 bedded beginning, Nisa Premier has grown to a 35 bedded high profile hospital of choice in Abuja. We provide services for high net worth individuals, corporate organizations and the diplomatic corps.

In 1998, the first test tube baby in Nigeria i.e. by In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique was born in this hospital, Baby Hannatu. Subsequently, Nigeria’s first IVF twins, Triplets and children from frozen embryos were also born here.

These feats had set a strong foundation for the assisted conception specialist practice at the Nordica Fertility Centre, Abuja.

General Medicine (Out and In-patient services) Obstetrics & gynecology
General Surgery
Diagnostic laboratories

Patients will find a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere at Nisa Premier Hospital, and our friendly professional staff will ensure that their stay is made as comfortable as possible.

Our facilities include:
An out-patient suite with 5 consulting rooms.
Single & double bedded rooms pleasantly furnished each with its toilet and shower or bath en-suite. All rooms are air conditioned and have cable television and intercom.
24 hours electricity supply and security.
A special catering service, which can meet individual patients’ dietary needs
An Amusement park for relaxation of patients and visitors.

Nisa Premier Hospital has a vision to be the best hospital in Nigeria, benchmarking on international standards. We want to build a first class hospital in Nigeria with international best practice certifications within the next 10 years. Building on the success of our collaboration with Nordica of Denmark, Nisa intends to build a modular five star hospital in Abuja in partnership with top rated specialist practices in different areas of medical sciences from all over the world. The future hospital will have a core general practice providing support services to a network of semi-independent specialist units just like the IVF practice (Nordica Fertility Centre) is being operated in the present hospital. We have commenced discussions with potential partners and are having more international collaborations in this direction. Recently, we signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate with United Global Health of USA to use our facilities for clinical trials in Nigeria.

A first step has been taken. We are extending our present hospital to expand our capacities for the challenges ahead. On completion, our new block will provide five star services to customers.